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Taylor Lianne Chandler said he attempted suicide after Phelps rejected him when he found out Chandler was born a man.

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Although their relationship didn't last long and wasn't even a comfortable one for both, we gotta say, Michael just edges this round too.

Score: Tiger Woods 0 - 3 Michael Phelps Phelps scores an absolute bomb in this encounter.

Hello and welcome, today we'll be looking at the battle of the hookups between two names which are synonymous with their respective sports.

When it comes to golf, the one name that pops up into everyone's head is Tiger Woods.

“I was born with male genitalia with no testicles, but I also have a uterus and no ovaries,” he told Radaronline.

Michael Phelps and girlfriend Megan Rossee made their red carpet debut Monday night at a Speedo event in London.And this perfection is reflected in the number of accolades he's collected over the years. Michael doesn't seem like the one to shy away from competition and it is evident.On the topic of a collection, both of them, over the years have their share of hookups too. So we wondered why not we make a comparison of the top women they had a hook-up with. The two had a brief fling back in 2008 and one can only wonder how lean their kids would've been had it worked out.She retweeted four images of the athlete and his dogs last month, calling the trio "Cuuuuties"5.She didn't dive headfirst into a relationship with Phelps: It took some time!The couple was in a relationship years ago but it didn't work out as they felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere.


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