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The brief courtship was intense, ­fulfilling -- and ­celibate; they didn't consummate the ­relationship until their wedding night, she ­confides. I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, ' Can I pray for you?

I just want to cover for you down the road.' In the time I'd been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me -- ­someone that could cover me and my kids [Dallas, 4, and Zion, 14] and be the man of the house.

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"I didn't want anybody; I said, ' I'm ­marrying myself.' " The token of that commitment to ­herself was not quite the dazzling piece of bling that proudly sits on her ring finger today, courtesy of Taylor, the COO of a local courier company -- but, she says, "I spent good money on it; that was me realizing my value.

I said, ' Some man has to top this, because I'm worth it.' "See Fantasia's Gorgeous Billboard Photo Shoot Getting to that place of self-worth though has been "a roller coaster" ride, says the 32-year-old singer.

That's when I knew." A year later, she says she's never felt stronger.

Maybe it's finally having her personal life on terra firma that has Fantasia focusing on the wider world.

After the dizzying heights of -- only to be followed by depression and financial woes.

Today, she insists, those dark days are behind her, as the new album announces a self-confident, fully realized Fantasia, emboldened by a wave of fresh starts: In addition to her marriage, she signed with new ­management, Primary Wave (Cee Lo Green, Melissa Etheridge); connected with a new producer, Ron Fair (Christina Aguilera, Keyshia Cole); and set course on a different, free-flowing musical ­direction, incorporating jazz, country, funk and pop in songs she deems "rock soul." , she recalls, "I was this Southern girl, green and gullible and eager to please." And while her career initially flourished, bad decisions -- both ­professional and personal -- took their toll. Covers and prays for me and my children EVERY morning.. I'm off to just kiss, Hug and play in some water with This Man.. Some stuff was my wrong decisions but all I ever really wanted was this.. I just want to cover for you down the road.'” Fantasia says their connection was intense but they chose to remain celibate until their wedding night.“In the time I’d been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me — ­someone that could cover me and my kids (Dallas, 4, and Zion, 14) and be the man of the house.I wouldn't want to see anybody's child gunned down, no matter what color or race."Nielsen's Mid-Year 2016 Charts: Drake, Beyonce & Rihanna Rule R&B/Hip-Hop But for Fantasia, this commitment goes beyond the concert stage.

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