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Tastes were changing, the big pop acts of the day wanted bigger venues, and many argued that Bournemouth had too many theatre seats.

As early as 1990, there was serious talk of bulldozing the hall following a structural survey.

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For several decades, the new Winter Gardens was at the heart of the town’s cultural and social life.

Orchestral concerts sounded superb there, but it also hosted concerts by the biggest rock and pop acts of the day. They had already played the town’s Gaumont in August, but Beatlemania had by now well and truly arrived.

The Winter Gardens was not used as a concert venue until 1893, when it was leased to Bournemouth Corporation.

It was an ideal performance venue for Dan Godfrey’s new Bournemouth Band, formed that year.

It was a glass structure, known originally as the Crystal Palace of the Summer and Winter Gardens.

A prospectus published in 1891 for the auction of the lease on the site gives us some idea what the venue and the town were like in those days.

Hit songs from some well-known and often viewed musicals, films and cartoons are omitted, e.g.

Chim-chiminee, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Fortuosity, When I see an elephant fly, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The original Winter Gardens saw the likes of Edward Elgar, Hubert Parry, Jean Sibelius and Gustav Holst conduct Godfrey’s band, which became Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra.

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