Who is david hasselhoff dating

The pair were spotted last week walking hand-in-hand on their way to a charity fundraiser in LA.

Speaking of the romantic beach-side proposal in Malibu, Hayley, 36, couldn't keep the tears away."We were both in tears… When she asked for a photograph, the actor agreed on one condition: She had to give him her phone number.

A few days later, the two went on their first date together... While the Hoff was concerned about their 27-year age gap, Hayley admitted it didn't phase her."I don't worry about it.

This all comes after Holly has apparently moved on with football player Jacob Blyth, with friends revealing that the couple are "smitten" with each other but are keen not to move too fast in their relationship.

David Hasselhoff is dating two women at once because he is not yet ready to commit.

I don't want to miss out on being with someone I love because of what might happen down the line." The American icon, who met the Welsh beauty during his time on Both girls couldn't be happier for their dad."I told my girls what I was going to do and they were both really supportive," he said.

The fact that the actor David is so famous all over the world because of the television series that he has played in including Baywatch he is noticed whenever he travels and goes and whoever is in his life is also always on the spotlight.

So David Hasselhoff girlfriend named Hayley Roberts must be used to this, because she has been with him for some time now.

But even the couple sometimes wants to keep a low profile from the media and enjoy their time walking around without anyone asking to sign somewhere or to take pictures with him.

So who is the woman who managed to steal Hasselhoff’s heart? She was born in the United Kingdom Roberts was grew up in a small town in Wales with her parents and three siblings. When Roberts approached him and asked for a photograph, Hasselhoff agreed on one condition: She had to give him her phone number.


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