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If the victim is cooperative, other money requests can be made as well: to pay for the ladys English lessons, to help out with rent or home repairs, to help with small medical emergencies, and so on.

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First, read information about the scammer who used those pictures.

Maybe you will need other details (like occupation, life story, or best friends name) that match as well.

There are several things that you need to take into consideration: It is possible, that there are more than one person with certain first and last name in a given city, country, etc.

It is very possible that there could be 16 different Natalias Petrovas living in one town!

And even if the person is confirmed to be real, you are anything but safe from a scam.

Many real people use their real information to scam people online.Law in Russia are so lax about Internet scams, that there is really very little legal problem that the victims can create for the scammer, and the scammers know it very well.back to FAQs His/her name has been reported as a scam. (we will refer to this person as "your lady" in our answer, for simplicity sake) If you found your ladys name being posted on a black list, do not automatically assume that she is a scammer.If they match, then most likely your lady is really involved. Is there any objective evidence of a scam being presented?Or does it sound more like some disgruntled ex-penpal wenting off because she didnt appreciate his attention enough?She may have nothing to do with a scammer who just happened to have the same first and last name.


  1. She started singing when she was just two-years-old.

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  3. As such, it's a remarkable demonstration of the various astronomical forces that keep our Earth warm and lit – and cold and dark – as the sun and the Earth move around each other.

  4. The Wing Girl's purpose in life is to help men become more attractive to women.

  5. Với mẫu phòng ngủ đa dạng về kiểu dáng, cách bố trí hoàn hảo, tiết kiệm chi phí luôn là lựa chọn đầu tiên của hầu như tất cả mọi người toàn lãnh thổ Việt.

  6. As a parent, it is important for you to recognize the danger signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

  7. When vehicles are dispatched by the University, they will be charged to the Department’s budget at the rate of 54.5 cents per mile or the cost of the rental and fuel.

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