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Kate Mc Alpine, director of the Community for Children Rights, told the BBC there is nothing under Tanzanian law to allow schoolgirls to be arrested for being pregnant.

She added: “The 1998 Sexual Offences Provisions Act does not criminalise underage sex.” The east African nation has one of the highest adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the world and 21% of girls aged 15 to 19 have given birth, according to a 2015-16 survey conducted by the Tanzania Bureau of Statistics.

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Starting point for a good discussion with an unfamiliar or a new face will stem from sport events, new events as reported by magazines, especially by tabloids and popular cartoons.

Reported issues are likely to be about witchdoctors or strange (miracles unbelievable) events and even war in other countries.

President John Magufuli vowed last year that pregnant schoolgirls or students who had given birth would not be allowed in school.

Then there was an outcry last month when a regional commissioner called for pregnant students to be arrested so they could testify against the men who had made them pregnant.

In most working places people tend to talk at close range without putting too much significance into the space between them with friends or strangers.

Standing away from someone is a sign that they are not welcome.

Waryuba said: "This should include those who left school two years ago.

It doesn't matter whether they are already out of school or not.

On other hand, people are very open to discuss government policies and taxes and publicly known scandals or public money embezzlement as long as they already reported in media. Most people are not offended by jokes as long as they do not refer to their immediate family, especially their mother, sister or wife.

When first meeting, Tanzanians will shake hands and ask how you are.

This can be confusing at first, as it means "how have you been all this time? This greeting can last between 3 to 15 minutes under normal circumstances.


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