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But it's more than just whether someone is hot or not.

"However, very little has been known about how this might work in real social interactions with real consequences—such as when making decisions about whether to date someone or not.

And almost nothing is known about how this type of rapid judgment is made by the brain."In the study, 39 heterosexual male and female volunteers were placed in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI) machine and then shown pictures of potential dates of the opposite sex.

I know about the show’s history, and I know a lot about you and your career, but through other means — listening to podcasts, reading articles about you, reading your Twitter. I want to know, what is your pitch for your show for someone like me — and I will use the word “millennial” here — Chuck Todd: We’ll talk in shorthand, whether we like it or not. Trust me, as someone who’s apparently a member of Gen X, we’re the lost generation. There comes to a point when you want to trust a source for curation. And all because, essentially, we had older colleagues who were snobs about the platform.

Nobody criticizes us or praises us, because it turns out there just aren’t enough of us. ” from old or legacy or traditional media — and I hate those terms, too — or really any other news organization that’s been around since the 20th century, the biggest mistake is that the question is always, what do we need to do to them come to us? My theory is, I try to build credibility with millennials so that, when they decide they do want to turn on the TV for coverage of politics, they’ve heard me on a podcast, they’ve read NBC, they’ve seen NBC on Twitter, on Snapchat. Sometimes when I catch myself rolling my eyes at a new platform, I say to myself, Wang: How does Meet the Press travel online? Whether we slice it up for Facebook or Twitter, wherever.

To me, it just sums up the frustration that viewers sometimes have with all of us — that means politicians, as well as all of us in the media, and the interactions that we have, positive or negative.

I’m not going to sit here and say I was on the side of the angels, or he was on the side of…that’s a subjective decision.

In the half hour that we spoke, the Meet the Press host qualified his use of “millennial,” “old/legacy/traditional media,” and “media narrative.” Other common phrases that pepper digital journalism-speak seemed to catch in his throat.

There was one term, however, that he used liberally: “platform neutral.” Media organizations frantically chasing a millennial audience, he said, shouldn’t just panic, and should stay platform neutral.

The transcript of our conversation is below, slightly edited for length and clarity. I got to start doing political analysis, being a political columnist on the web.

Shan Wang: I want to admit up front that I don’t watch Meet the Press, on Sundays or weekdays. I got to start breaking down polling data for people.

That’s another reason I started a daily version of Meet the Press.


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