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"So they would pay if they wanted to actually be involved in the performance, for a second row seat and for a third.


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"It's kind of one of those where you get the tip, there's a moment when everybody says, 'Oh no way this is happening.' But then as you start to put the puzzle together, you realize that not only was this happening but theoretically, this is one of those things that probably could have gone unnoticed for an awfully long time." Syracuse Police say the management of the Syracuse 6 Movie Theater was cooperative in the investigation and did not know about the live sex show until police notified them.

United Entertainment Corp., the movie theatre's management, issued this statement: An incident at our Syracuse location involving an unaffiliated, independent cleaning company worker occurred overnight after the business was closed.

The live sex show stunned officers, who said they had no idea this was even happening down the street from the police station.

Atkin said Ibanez had apparently tried to organize a previous show on Sunday, but it didn't happen because of "lack of participation." "This was a first in my career," the police chief said.

We only just heard about it early this morning ourselves and we're absolutely shocked and appalled.

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  1. No 49745A [q.v] The book Francis Frith's Hertfordshire contains many dated photographs - and in many cases the pictures will have been issued as postcards.

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