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But this Phnom Penh sex guide will be pretty much all about mongering.That is because Cambodian girls who aren’t prostitutes are extremely conservative and are not generally interested in having casual sex with guys they just met.For more on the best adult entertainment in this city and the best mongering all around Cambodia check out our travel guide for men.

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If you don’t like whore mongering and are only traveling to get laid give this country a pass or hit on other tourists.

We will list some Phnom Penh pick up bars and nightclubs, but don’t have high expectations: As most know this is a very poor country and there are many Cambodian women seeking foreign men online.

They want to try to find a better live and get out of the poverty they were born into.

They aren’t looking for a casual hook up, they are seeking a foreign husband.

At the end there will even be a mongering map to help you locate all of the best venues for adult entertainment here.

You will see we noted Street 172 as a good place to stay, there are many hotels and restaurants there and it is walking distance to many of the best places in town.

In a few days time I would return to Thailand and spend my last week in Pattaya.

Good sleep in the Queen Wood Hotel down street 136. Get up quite late around AM and make my way down for some breakfast.



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