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Means refers to the use of force, fraud, or coercion to establish and maintain control of the victim.

Purpose refers to the intent to use the exploit the victim for labor or sex.

A team of dedicated partners is working together to respond to and rescue minor victims of sex trafficking, including: Law enforcement Child Protective Services Probation District Attorney’s Office Public Defender’s Office Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Court WEAVE 24/7 Crisis Intervention 24/7 Support Line - WEAVE’s Support Line is used by victims to request help and by CPS and law enforcement to request an Advocate to respond to a child at the time of rescue.

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They are victims and deserve a trauma-informed response that does not hold them responsible for their own victimization or crimes they were forced to commit as a result of the victimization.

Human Trafficking is defined based on age of the victim, country of origin, and type of victimization: Age: Trafficking victims may be minors (up to 18 years old) or adult (18 years or older).

Some children will require intensive treatment and may be placed out of the area to ensure the appropriate level of care.

The housing option chosen is based on the safety and welfare needs of the child and level of care and intervention needed.

A healthy relationship does not include one partner requiring the other to have sex with others.

If you, or a friend, want more information, there is a website with information just for you. Minors engaged in commercial sex are victims of sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.

When a child victim is identified, Child Protective Services will initiate an investigation and be involved in determining the appropriate course of action.

Temporary and permanent housing for the victim will be determined by Child Protective Services.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in Sacramento County will be as assigned an Anti-trafficking Response Team (ART) Advocate employed by WEAVE.

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