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Radar Online is reporting that in 2009, the 48-year-old Ken was arrested for a DUI!Kim, the sweet buy loopy star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently opened up about her struggles with alcoholism, even confessing on the show that she hopes never to drink again. ted face directions have bladder infection contagious hygeine oragasim pleasant or unpleasant?

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This information about Ken strengthens recent suspicions that Kim has fallen off the wagon. In addition to his own issues with alcohol use, it was recently reported that Ken is still active on the Internet dating site where he is listed as “separated.” In fact, Ken allegedly logged on as little as three weeks ago!

Which is a problem considering Kim and Ken are apparently still together.

“I started hearing about Kim’s ‘neighbor’ Ken from my nieces.

Kim had been spending time over there, but still hadn’t shared anything with any of us.”“I think it must look strange to you that I am crying over Kim moving in with a boyfriend that she seems to be happy with,” Kyle admits.


DO YOU BELIEVE HE IS BAD FOR HER OR CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? I didn't know she was the type to just push people and push people until they just lose it until Porsha [Williams] explained to me what she's been through with her.So I didn't feel as bad that somebody was able to trigger me and get me that pissed off. You'll see through the season that that doesn't happen again.(so far) came courtesy of enemies Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kenya Moore when they came face-to-face at Ne Ne Leakes' elaborately titled white party.As Kim insinuated that Kenya's husband didn't actually exist and Kenya retaliated by accusing her foe of leveraging her daughter Brielle in an icky way for John Legend tickets, the pair had to be physically separated, with Kim eventually leaving the party she wasn't actually invited to in the first place.“Kim thinks she’s in love with someone who cares about her, but Ken is a controlling nightmare and he’s not right for her,” the source adds.

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