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It’s always very uplifting; I think that’s my trademark.

The comedian, who runs three marathons a year for the charity Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, of which he is a patron, holds the world record for longest hug (25 hours and 25 minutes) and signs off his tweets with the word ‘hugs’ or some kisses, says if people who come to his gigs are expecting aggressive jokes, they’re probably going to the wrong show.

“Every year I do a brand new stand up show with new material but they always have the same theme.

Suitable for ages 12 plus, the comedy night will be in aid of charity, with all profits going to Viewpoint, which is based Welwyn Garden City.

Patrick Monahan could possibly be one of the nicest comedians on the circuit.

“Some people just want to go and see a controversial comic but that’s not really me or my style.

I think some people just want to come to a show and have a laugh and be entertained.” And if you needed anymore proof that aggression isn’t his style, his 2014 tour featured cake, and lots of it. One of my vices is cake and you don’t find many people who don’t like cake.He went on to release his debut DVD Patrick Monahan live, won various comedy awards and appeared on television countless times.Despite his massive success, which has seen him perform at the Hammersmith Apollo (“that was amazing. It goes so quickly and it’s only afterwards you think how amazing it was”), Patrick admits he finds performing at smaller clubs and pubs more appealing, which is good news for the audiences at The Potters Arms when he plays a gig there next week.You just got to let it fly on stage and see what works and what doesn’t and yes, sometimes people don’t laugh but it keeps you on your toes. If you can’t take the fact that some people aren’t going to laugh then you can’t go on as a stand up comedian.You just can’t make every single person laugh.” The comedian, who has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe a staggering ten times, has seen huge success since winning comedy reality show ‘Show Me The Funny’ in 2011.Realising I could make a living from telling people about myself only came around when I was in my early twenties.


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