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With Germany's constitution of 1949, the title of Bundeskanzler was revived in Germany.

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The modern office of Chancellor evolved from the position created for Otto von Bismarck in the North German Confederation in 1867; this federal state evolved into a German nation-state with the 1871 Unification of Germany.

The role of the Chancellor has varied greatly throughout Germany's modern history.

The Chancellor or any minister had to be dismissed if demanded by parliament.

As today, the Chancellor had the prerogative to determine the guidelines of government (Richtlinienkompetenz).

After the death of President Hindenburg in 1934, Adolf Hitler, the dictatorial party leader and Chancellor, took over the powers of the president.

The new official title became Führer und Reichskanzler (meaning "Leader and Chancellor of the Realm").According to the Weimar Constitution of 1919, the Chancellor was head of a collegial government.The Chancellor, and on his proposal the ministers, was appointed and dismissed by the President.The modern office of Chancellor was established with the North German Confederation, of which Otto von Bismarck became Bundeskanzler (meaning "Federal Chancellor") in 1867.With the enlargement of this federal state to the German Empire in 1871, the title was renamed to Reichskanzler (meaning "Chancellor of the Realm").video redtube melayu bdak sekolah download free ...


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