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IDES contracts with private law firms to provide limited free legal services (consultation and/or representation at IDES administrative hearings) to claimants and small employers who are eligible for this service. Representation at your hearing is not automatic and depends, in part, upon the facts in your case.

Note: A small employer is an employer which reported wages paid to less than twenty individuals, whether part time or full time, for each of any two of the four calendar quarters preceding the quarter in which its application for legal assistance is made.

If your eligibility is challenged, you may be required to produce that document.

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You must either be entirely out of work or be working less than full-time because full time work is not available.

Your earnings must fall below a certain threshold determined at the time you file your claim.4. You may be disqualified if you: quit your job voluntarily without good cause attributable to your employer; were discharged for misconduct in connection with your work; were discharged for a felony or theft in connection with your work; or are out of work because of a labor dispute.4. You may be disqualified if you: ust be able and available to work.

You must be actively seeking work and willing to accept any suitable job offered.

You must keep a log of your job search activities in every week for which you claim benefits.

Benefits are not paid for any period in which you are on vacation, when your principle occupation is that of a student (you may be eligible if you are attending a training course approved by the IDES Director) or while you engage in any other activity that makes you unavailable for work.

Benefits are not paid for any day or days on which you are unable to work because of illness, disability, family responsibilities, lack of transportation, etc.6.

Certification Process You must certify for your eligibility every two weeks.

There are two ways to claim your weeks of unemployment insurance benefits: certify online via the website or by phone using the Tele-Serve system. ​You must report all gross wages earned during the weeks covered by the certification.

There are two ways you can certify: over the telephone and on the IDES website. Failure to certify on your assigned day could cause denial of benefits or a delay in processing your benefits.


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