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" she began tickling me again, and before I could even stop laughing long enough to tickle her back, she grabbed the sheet, and me, between my legs. I had been kicked in the nuts before, but I'd never had anyone just grab them. I was probably about 4" long and maybe 3/4" across at that age and not a wisp of hair. My mind was caught up in the pleasure waving up from my groin. My dick was straining at the buttons on my pajama bottoms. " she said as she wrapped her hand around it and continued to stroke. " she began unsnapping my pajamas and in a few seconds had them down around my knees. It was taken by my 15 year old babysitter late one night while my parents were out to an early dinner and a late play. I bet she was there just to watch you." "Maybe a little, but not much." I finally admitted. " We had talked a little bit about sex - enough for me to know that it was embarrassing. Peggy was always very ticklish and I could occasionally bully her this way. She began pumping her head up and down, sliding her lips over the head, and then plunging them back down to the root.


I tried to reach back to those inviting mounds, but she firmly took my hand and put it back between her legs. I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck and lick. While my hand was exploring the double layer of nylon covering her crotch, my mouth was trying to take her entire tit into it.

"Rub there, please Mike." I did as she asked and she leaned herself towards my head, pulling me so that my face was pressed into her breasts. Sometime during this time she must have unzipped her skirt because she pulled my hand away from her groin and slipped her pleated skirt over her hips and down her legs.

My wrist was starting to get tired by the time she finally reached down and pulled my hands away. She reached down to my hips and took the top up and off, allowing me to feel those wonderful breasts pushing up at my chest.

She gave me a hug and said, "I want you to fuck me." She raised her knees up to about the level of my rib cage and began rubbing her crotch against mine. The coarse hair was almost tickling my dick, which was beginning to reawaken. I...don't know how, Peggy." "It's OK Mike, I'll show you how..." and she reached down between us and took my semi-erect penis in her hand and began rubbing the stiffening head up and down her very wet slit.

My eyes snapped open and I watched as she pursed her lips at the tip of my dick and slowly pushed it into her mouth.

I jumped as though I had been shocked, which I suppose I had been.

We would talk about school, sports - particularly Little League, which I loved, her boyfriends, and occasionally girls. We had been talking about the baseball game I had played in that weekend and I had mentioned that a girl I liked had been watching. What felt like an hour or so later, the spasms stopped and she pulled herself slowly off my wilting dick. " Without waiting for an answer, she took my hand and placed it on her breast. I began to rub, and stroke, and she leaned into my hand.

"I bet you've done all sorts of things." Wouldn't you just like to know? All I could feel was a tingly sensation in my balls as her right hand gently cupped them and a warm wet roughness as her tongue explored the length of my dick.

I wasted no time at all putting my hand back between her legs.

My fingers were tracing the soft hair and the firmness of her outer lips.

There was nothing on earth that could possibly compare to this.


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