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Members are also allowed access to Filipina SD as both sites are merged together.

Design and navigation are a little bit strange, but it's possible to get used to it.

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Did you know that almost every Asian city has restaurants, discos and hotels in which girls and guys meet for obvious reasons?

There is no need to pay barfines like in Pattaya or Manila to have sex with a dancer.

I know, the guys behind the site work very hard to improve what needs a working hand.

They always listen to their customers and interact with them on new ideas.

) there are many videos since 2012(more than hundred! I highly recommend this site because of its easy to use interface as well as the rewards program it has for very exclusive content and give it the highest praise.

) so, i think you should not be hesitate and join us!!! He must be covered in paternity suits he has on his arse.Hard to believe all the chicks use contraceptive pills.John just goes to discos and watering holes like Beachclub in Kuala Lumpur or Marine Disco in Pattaya to pick up female talent.Of course they get very excited about making a lot of money for porn movie.The highest number of girls are Filipina and Thai nationals.


  1. It’s just been a really crazy week, but I should have called.” I smiled, “No worries, it’s been a busy week for me too,” cool as a cucumber.

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