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It is that special time each month to set aside Her relationship with the God and to focus on Her and Her alone.

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And though the Charge of the Goddess is always recited, the Charge of the God is omitted. Since the Moon is ruled by the Goddess and it is Her energy that we celebrate at this time, the God simply steps back for She is the bright and shining one of the night and of each month whether the moon be full or dark.

The interaction between the Goddess and Her Consort, Earth and Sun, are through the Sabbats.

When a solitary witch performs this ritual it is done during a full Moon and within a circle.

The solitary witch assumes the goddess pose, both arms are held high with palms up, the body and arms form a Y, the witch then chants to invoke the Goddess spirit.

Or you may wish to chant “I invoke the energy of the goddess,” three times.

Then again you may want to remain silent and send a spiritual message to the goddess.

Also (2) this statement shows that Wtchcraft was not a religion but a way of practicing Magick.

Each Full and Dark Moon Esbats centers around formal Circle casting.

Definition: The full moon is the point at which we can see an entire side of the moon.

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