Dating minho portugal

Ironically they discovered this actually protected the vines from rot which they tended to be susceptible to because of the high rainfall.

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With its very own Pousada this is a marvellous place to base yourself while you explore the area.

Formerly a 12th century Cistercian monastery, it was converted into a luxury hotel and has won many awards for its excellent restoration.

Some of its main attractions include the Municipal Library which used to be the Archbishop's palace, the historical Town Hall, and the Palacio do Raio.

There are also some fascinating museums with exhibits of period furniture and an incredible collection of over a hundred thousand glass photo negatives.

Amares is located in the northern region of Minho between the historical city of Braga and one of Portugal's finest nature reserves, the Peneda Geres.

It is definitely an area that is not as well known to tourists but for this very reason it is an ideal retreat for those who want to steer away from the usual crowds.

About the Author: This article was written by Susan Bartle who is a seasoned traveller and freelance travel writer.

Originally from Canada she currently resides in the UK and recent research has resulted in expert knowledge of the Pousadas and Paradores.

For those who are not quite up for that, there is an antique funicular that was built in 1882 to take visitors up to the top which still operates today.


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