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A typical membership site includes: The content in a membership site may take a variety of different forms, including courses, and is typically an open ended topic that can be expanded upon over time.For example in the Member Site Academy, we include a variety of different content types and there is enough information around the topic that we could be creating new courses and content for years!

Membership sites will also typically be open all year round so that you can join anytime and progress at your own pace, although there is an increasing trend in ‘open/close’ membership sites.

A typical online course includes: Online courses will often have a fixed start date so that a group of people work through the course content together.

You can modify the Membership Level (change level or set to none), Expiration Date, optionally “Send the user an email about this change” and optionally “Cancel this user’s subscription at the gateway”.

Click the “Update Profile” button to save the changes.

At the end of the day there isn’t really a right or wrong answer when it comes to whether it’s better to create an online course or a membership site.

What’s important is that you choose the best approach for your topic, your audience and you.

A course is typically finite (for example 8 weeks or 6 modules) whilst a membership site is ongoing.

With a membership site you will also typically lose access to the content once your payments stop, however with a course you are typically granted long term access to the content after your payment.

You’re now navigating the site as the user would and can proceed with selecting a membership level, completing membership checkout, or canceling membership. Just navigate to your Word Press admin and locate the member to update.

On the Edit User screen there is a section pictured below.

Is there enough to release one piece of content per month for at least a year? A membership site is much more of an ongoing commitment than a course and it’s good to be aware of that from the start and make sure that it fits with your future plans.

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