Cyrano dating site

“It was bizarre,” said Stewart, 55, a resident of Arlington.

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For a step up, customers can also get up to eight hand-picked matches sent per week, 20 ghostwritten e-mails initiating contact and unlimited dating advice for $325.

For a “platinum nudge,” at $595 a month for three months, the firm will also schedule dates, offer coaching and handle all pre-date communication.

Well over 60 percent of the messages she sent received replies, leading to more than 120 dates — the final one being her beau of two years.

“Once I met someone, my friends started asking me to write their profiles,” said Ettin, who writes a dating blog and a monthly newsletter.

The agency helps the client by moving together as an organization and having secret missions.

Their creed is to work in the shade and we don't aim for the sun.

“I knew I had something going when someone I used to date asked me for help.” A Little Nudge is not the only company providing Internet-dating services.

Target in Arlington has been knocking out profiles for the past four years, while sites such as The Profile and serve up prefab profiles.

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