Conventional radiocarbon dating isotopic age dating

However, it is east of the river, north of the highway and at about the distance it should be west of Hacilar.

Extremely remarkable as it would be about another nine thousand years before the Natufian culture started farming.

As you can see it is presently under water."Radiocarbon dating of the archaeological deposits, some 8 meters in depth, showed that Chogha Golan had been occupied continuously between about 12,000 and 9,700 years ago or even later.

The Neolithic settlements were contemporary with Catalhoyuk and had a similar technology level.""The next people who came to Ein es Sultan are called PPNA (The initials stand for Pre-Pottery Neolithic A).

They made their settlement at the spring around 8,000 BC. (Though as a well-preserved site at Catal Huyuk, Turkey shows they had wooden vessels).

The PPNA people built circular dome-shaped one-room huts of curved adobe bricks covered over with plastered mud.

Similar circular huts are still built by peasants in northeastern Syria and southeastern Turkey.

It was discovered in the early 1960s by British archaeologist James Mellaart from the University of Istanbul." "From 1961 to 1965, excavations at the site produced a huge number of artifacts and ancient structures including a 10-foot-wide wall painting of the town and two peaks, sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest map." To view map image click here."The dating of the volcanic rock indicated an eruption about 8,900 years ago [6900 BC], which closely overlaps with the time the wall painting was estimated to have been created.

The overlapping timeframes indicate humans in the region may have witnessed this eruption." "Hacilar is an early human settlement in southwestern Turkey, 25 km southwest of present day Burdur.

Then, Riehl and her colleagues traced the use of plants over that entire period of time.

According to their research, the people of Chogha Golan apparently began cultivating wild barley, wheat, and lentils more than 11,500 years ago, and that domesticated forms of wheat appeared about 9,800 years ago, nearly as early as at sites to the west." ( An important site as it is at present the earliest agricultural site in the Zagros Mountains.

The following satellite images are of the oldest sites that predate those of Sumeria.


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