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Not only are we going to give you what you want, but we're going to give you more.We're going to show you who is reserved for what project and for how long.

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The ability to proof the statements before the final product is printed is an added value of this solution and the finished product looks very nice!

All digital projects are subect to continuous change and inherent risks that make outcomes unpredictable and revenue and cost forecasts unreliable, leading to billions in losses each year.

Statit enables usersto explore comparisons, perform in-depth statistical analysis, establish thresholds and monitor continuous improvement efforts.

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds if not thousands of candidates for jobs in a variety of industries, roles and countries.

is an online reporting solution that automatically populates and consolidates your ADP payroll and HR data, regardless of source, into a single reportable database.

From there, standard reports as well as custom reports are produced, based on the most up-to-date information, and delivered online to the appropriate people throughout your organization using role-based security methods.

Imagine increasing the volume of projects teams can handle, without having to add team members. Bring team members and data together in a collaborative workspace, and watch duplication of effort disappear, restore hours wasted looking for information, and say goodbye to mistakes made by relying on incorrect or outdated data. Isn't it about time you had a library of project templates, where you can just press a button and go?

Take your methodologies, spreadsheets, project plans, scope documents, repeatable task lists, team composition, and any other project data being duplicated for each project, and create as many project templates as you need. Everyone knows discovering risks early is critical to project success. The project team already generates the information needed for early risk detection.

Not only is the process of consolidating the data very time consuming, it is unfortunately quite error-prone.

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