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“With a name like The Morning Caesars, we just want to ensure people have the best experiences possible with music being the link.” “When you ‘know’ that music means more to you, the only way to enhance that love is to immerse yourself so deeply that you become that energy,” he said. Singing is simply the most vulnerably surreal experience.When fans sing along it’s like time stops and the moment is weightless. Sure, the digital age has definitely changed the game, but with every draw back there is an opportunity,” he said. Music is more accessible than ever and we are just happy to be amongst it all.” They play many shows throughout the year. And, of course they do fundraisers (see below for upcoming dates.) James Sheehan, aka “Big Jim”, once led a Sick Kids fundraiser where he shaved his long locks in the middle of a concert and donated it as part of the 2010 initiative “Shred4Kids.” For more information about We had actually been dating for a few months and were both frustrated with our individual music projects.Tyson, Derek and Reid were playing together as a power three-piece for years. “Fortunately they took me in and the rest is history,” says Sheehan.

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Given the voluntary nature of the group, and young-professional composition of the group, we try to keep these meetings as fun as possible – usually held monthly over a burger and pint, or salad and wine.

In saying that, in the lead up to an event, it’s extremely common for weekly phone calls and a flurry of emails.

The Team Fox Young Professionals (YPs) are a proactive group of 20-and 30-somethings who dedicate their time toward supporting Team Fox.

Toronto is the most recently formed YP group, and the only in Canada, joining 6 US cities – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Boston and LA. My grandfather suffered from Parkinson’s towards the later stages of his life.

London-based music writer for online and print publications, mostly covering electronic music.

Currently a writer and lecture and radio host for Red Bull Music Academy.

We are fans of music and bands, so we always want to treat our fans the way we would want our favourite bands to treat us.

We also would really love to tour one day with one of our favourite bands, Tokio Hotel.

They are a great band from Germany that fits our style of music and they just seem like great people. was founded in 2015 and are a group of proactive young professionals in the GTA area who have dedicated their time, interests, and talents towards helping to support the work of The Michael J. We caught up with Team Fox Chair Wade Edwards to talk about why he got involved and what Team Fox is all about.

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