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When he decides to delete her and move on, something strange starts to manifest through his computer.

Set in Ireland, a family moves to a new city neighborhood, taking residence in a large, old house that is rumored to have a dodgy past.

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Multi-talented actress Cerina Vincent, stars in Disney’s new hit TV show, Stuck In the Middle, playing Suzy Diaz – the mother of 7 kids! She made her feature film debut in the thriller Fear Runs Silent, starring Star Wars legendary actor; Billy Dee Williams.

Shortly after, she landed her first major role as Maya, the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, in the 1999 hit FOX series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Previously, she was married to her then-husband named Ben Waller.

The pair exchanged their vows with each other on 13th December 2008 and they remained together till they got divorced on 13th June 2013.

Later, in 1999, she made her appearance in her first movie role as a bratty teenager in a thriller called Fear Runs Silent which starred Billy Dee Williams.

Cerina had performed in a Christmas production at the Diskin Elementary School learning lines for all characters.

But with an idea so dull it's hard to give Skypemare a decent mark, if one thing can be said about Skypemare's originality it's that it did manage to put it's own twist on the Skype call gone wrong shtick by having the intruder send her pictures of what is happening on the other side of the call, as a way of enticing and torturing the main character, giving Skypemare a chilling mood about it.

Also has a decent and actually unexpected twist at the end; it's worth 8 minutes of your time.

Her other movie and TV credits include Kitchen Sink, Tag, Pennies, Intermedio, Fashion Victim, It Waits, Cabin Fever, Final Sale, Moni Ka, Broken Memories, Wifey, Manchild, Felicity, Dead Last, City Guys, Bones, Zombie Family and much more. She has written three books along with Jodi Lipper and she also writes a regular column for the Huffington Post.


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