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She may not have been as memorable as famous girlfriends like “they’re real and they’re spectacular,” “man hands” or “puffy shirt,” but she got her start there all the same.

The plot of the episode revolved around George thinking he sees Jerry’s girlfriend (Gunn) kissing his cousin across the street.

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This horrible situation you are all in is a big joke to me. BC: I think the real reason Odenkirk is on the show is to just entertain us between scenes. He’s a little Tony Robbins and a little Joel Osteen. And somehow, Robert Evans…“The Kid Stays in the Picture” is just one of the best books on tape . This whole season seems to be just that: together, apart, together, apart. Q: You mentioned during the panel that you don’t know what’s going to go on until you read it in the script. My suggestion was that he sees her and he tries to wake up Jesse. And that’s the first one I read and that blew the top of my head off.

It’s a big laugh for Saul.") But, you know, whenever there are stunts and things like that, that is logistically difficult to put together. But, you know, he’s also a scream in comparison to all these guys and what they’re going through. I don’t think his character is very good, so that’s why I think it’s fun to have him play around. It's fruitful for the show, but it's frustrating to experience.") “Real Time.” I did it on “Real Time” as well. So what I do, is I do all my lines as Robert Evans when I rehearse, alone. I don’t consciously go to the set and try to bring any of that, I don’t think about doing an impersonation or anything. When you guys read the final scene of the next to last episode, where Walt lets Jane choke to death, what was your reaction? The original version was far more egregious of an act than what we did. She flops back on her back through the vibration of the bed and in disgust, he walks out. And quite frankly, AMC and Sony had something to say about that. Q: Bryan, could you maybe get into a little bit some of the creative decisions you’ve helped influence in the third season?

They had us all go in and spend about 10 or 15 minutes with Vince and Bryan before we had to go in and do the actual test, which was nice because it’s very nerve-wracking that situation. We got right to that and trying to figure out how we would do that so that it wasn’t completely ridiculous but would still be kind of funny and real at the same time.” “Bryan and I just started having a really good time working out the mechanics and started laughing and joking around, and Vince kind of stood back and just watched us go to town.

We had that funny scene, where Skyler is multitasking, as it were, in the pilot. I think he enjoyed the chemistry that was between us right away. I remember really distinctly that we had a really good time. You wouldn’t have known how dark it was going to get between them at that time.” In the end, it was her and Cranston who had the chemistry, and got the parts.

The show was unfortunately cancelled prematurely, but it remains one of HBO’s best offerings in the storied history of the network.

And then of course, after a few more minor roles, that led Gunn to land her big break in Breaking Bad.

It’s interesting to think of how Breaking Bad really could have been perceived as a comedy in some parts, particularly in the early seasons, particularly with known comedic actor Bryan Cranston in the lead role.

And yet the show got progressively darker and darker, and eventually Gunn won an Emmy for her role as Skyler White as the show kept drawing more and more incredible performances out of her as things went to hell.

We are counting down the days until "Breaking Bad" returns August 11 at 9/8c on AMC -- click "Launch Gallery" above to see all the fun black carpet photos from the premiere!


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