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Our analysis suggests that trainees seem to experience reflexivity as a multifaceted, dialogic process, which occurs both at an inner and at an outer space and both synchronically but also subsequently to the therapeutic/training process.

We conclude by raising implications for family therapy training.

However, less is known specifically about how couple communication patterns affect young women, who face different life cycle stressors than older women.

Bu yazi, genc yetiskinlerin romantik iliskilerinde baglilik kavraminin onemi ve bu kavramin olasi yordayicilari konusunda literatur ozeti sunmayi amaclamaktadir.

Mevcut kuram ve arastirmalar isiginda, bagliligin iki onemli bilissel yordayicisi olarak baglanma stilleri ve yakin iliski inanclari uzerinde ozellikle durulmustur.

Video abstract: G_0I0OSy4ABSTRACT: Historically, the black family in the United States has faced several challenges given the destructive experiences throughout the diaspora.

Despite several hardships such as slavery, the Great Depression and following migrations in American history, the black family was somewhat intact until the Vietnam War.

These include unclearly framed research questions and the predominance of case study designs.

They also include inconsistencies between choice of method, stated or unstated epistemological orientations and knowledge claims, and limited attendance to criteria for good quality practice.

Due to the negative aspects of psychosexual counselling in rural societies, it was not possible to continue the follow-up and treatment of patients.

Despite this, the authors conclude that this clinical course of situational intercourse anejaculation suggests a psychological problem in these patients.

In our study, we used Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to analyse transcripts of semistructured interviews with 10 systemic family therapy trainees.

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