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He actually asked if he could be present while I make love to you so I assume it is something you've done before." "I occasionally humour him." J approaching at that moment brought our conversation to an end. I ran my eyes over his torso, the rippling muscles of his upper arms, while he continued to undress. " I couldn't prevent the exclamation on seeing Mr X's penis. Turning my attention back to the guy's penis I took it into my mouth, albeit with some difficulty.

He was forcing his big penis further into my mouth and though my lips felt stretched to breaking I continued sucking almost desperately at it.

Tasting pre-cum I stuck to my task but almost gagged when Mr X came, forcing his penis right down my throat to release a thick torrent of cream.

Reaching round to unfasten my bra, something he accomplished with ease, Mr X then seized my bared breasts, sucking and biting at my nipples, while continuing to fuck me lustily.

Suddenly he withdrew, flipped me over and raised me up onto my knees.

The working group was staying at one of the hotels in town where a meal had been arranged for them to meet local dignitaries, businessmen and their wives, hubby and I amongst them.

It was planned as a sort of social event to set a relaxing tone ahead of the business to come and after the meal there was a chance to mingle. A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years. Hubby was selected by the local business federation to be a member of the team showing the minister and his colleagues around. Douglas could easily have bought three tickets but decided he didn't want hubby present, an arrangement John was happy to accept as it fitted his desire to be play the cuckold. The plan was that areas deemed suitable for regeneration would receive government funds to assist the growth of new industrial estates by offering tax breaks to new or expanding companies."So we would be assured of his discretion if you have a brief fling with him," John told me, going on to say how much it excited him to imagine being cuckolded by such a powerful figure as Mr X.Having seen pictures of Mr X in the newspapers and also on TV a few times I knew him to be a handsome guy in his mid-forties.Rearranging my clothing later I had to search the room for my panties and eventually located them in the corner.

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