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“LIMITED—BUILDING” for exam-ple, indicates the holder of a “LIMITED” limitation and “BUILDING” classification of license. Limitations and classifications for each license are shown directly under the address. Includes installation and erection of guard rails, fencing, signage and ancillary highway hard-ware; covers paving and grading of airport and airfield runways, taxiways, and aprons, including the installation of fencing, signage, runway light-ing and marking; and covers work done under the specialty classifications of S(Boring and Tun-neling), S(Concrete Construction), S(Marine Construction), S(Railroad Construction), and H(Grading and Excavating). This classification includes those whose operations are the perfor-mance of construction work on water and wastewater systems and on the subclassifica-tions of facilities set forth in G. Covers work on earthen dams and the use of explosives used in connection with all or any part of the activities described in this Subparagraph.

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FOREWORD This publication is intended for use by local and state governmental departments and units, Professional Engineers, Architects and other construction professionals, and the general public.

To verify the status of any licensed con-tractor whose name does not appear in this listing, please access our Web site at call the Board’s office at (919) 571-4183.

Licenses not renewed 60 days after that date (December 31) shall become invalid, in accordance with provisions of General Statute 87, Sec-tion 10.

All licenses issued by the Board of General Contractors expire on December 31st each year.

331 Licenses renewed after March 1, 2011 are not listed in this publication.

Box 506 28315-0506 Unlimited: Building Goneau, Marcel O., Jr.

Licenses of individuals, partnerships and corporations are listed according to town or city of residence, in alphabetical order. 48862 1901 North Poplar Street, Suite E 28315-3311 Limited: Residential Gattis Construction, Inc.

All licenses renewed by the Board for the calendar year prior to March 1, 2011 are listed in this directory.

Includes the removal of asbestos and replacement with nontoxic substances. Covers all marine construction and repair activities and all types of marine construction in deepwater installations and in harbors, inlets, sounds, bays, and chan-nels; covers dredging, construction and installa-tion of pilings, piers, decks, slips, docks, and bulkheads.

Does not include the insulation of mechanical equipment and ancillary lines and piping. Covers the installa-tion of accoustical ceiling systems and panels; drywall partitions (load bearing and nonload bearing), lathing and plastering, flooring and finishing, interior recreational surfaces, window and door installation, and installation of fix-tures, cabinets and millwork.

The term “materials” shall be defined for purposes of this Subparagraph to include, among other things, cedar, cement, asbestos, clay tile and composition shingles, all types of metal coverings, wood shakes, single ply and built-up roofing, protective and reflective roof and deck coatings, sheet metal valleys, flashings, gravel stops, gutters and downspouts, and bituminous waterproofing. Covers: (i) The field fabrication, erection, repair and alteration of architectural and structural shapes, plates, tubing, pipe and bars, not limited to steel or aluminum, that are or may be used as struc-tural members for buildings, equipment and structure; and (ii) The layout, assembly and erection by weld-ing, bolting or riveting such metal products as, but not limited to, curtain walls, tanks of all types, hoppers, structural members for buildings, tow-ers, stairs, conveyor frames, cranes and crane runways, canopies, carports, guard rails, signs, steel scaffolding as a permanent structure, rig-ging, flagpoles, fences, steel and aluminum sid-ing, bleachers, fire escapes, and seating for sta-diums, arenas, and auditoriums. Covers the construction, service and repair of all swimming pools.


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