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Are a dozen different mollusk palates - ready for comparison and study - dear at half-a-guinea?

Simply think of the time and cost, requisite to produce them as home-made articles.” Stevens’ Natural History Agency was far more than just a place to purchase microscope slides.

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The microscope shows us, in a well-prepared palate from a land or water-snail, rows upon rows of teeth, containing altogether hundreds and hundreds of molars.

The shark devours animal food, and so does the whelk. they are nothing to the weapons that line the mouth of a whelk, - half-a-dozen in each row in the middle, with a chevaux-de-frise of tusks on either side.

He also sold specimens from the far corners of the Earth, brought or sent back by explorers.

Examples of advertisement of such exotica are shown in Figure 4.

These numbers were part of an efficient selling scheme, by which customers could chose the specimens they preferred from a printed list, then order their selections using the corresponding number (Figure 2).

It was much like the menu system used in many restaurants today.

by Brian Stevenson last updated April, 2010 Students of antique microscopy may know of Samuel Stevens from the slides which he sold from his shop at 24 Bloomsbury Street, London.

Most are probably not aware that Stevens played important, supporting roles in shaping evolutionary theory.

To point out a few; the palates of snails and of freshwater and marine mollusks are very remarkable.

When we see a soft snail eating a hard cabbage-leaf or carrot - if we reflected on the operation - we must conclude that it cannot be performed without the agency of teeth.

Other lists were evidently issued later, as slides with numbers as high as 250 are known.


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