Age dating ball perfect mason jars

I have more pics of the top and bottoms of the jars also...please let me know if I have a rare Ball jar here???

I think the one on the left may be a Perfect Mason, the top doesn't seem as smooth or rounded as the others either...

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hi all thought i would through this up dont think its anything good just different i have never seen perfect mason on anything but ball when ya git right down to it i have never seen a drey jar dug it out of the canal a few days ago any info is good info so let me know thanks all shagnasty The Drey Perfect Masons were made from the late teens to 1925.

Then in 1925, as GJUIS states, Ball bought out the parent company, Schram, that produced the Drey jars.

So it is easy to tell if a DREY PERFECT MASON was made by Ball or Drey. If it is centered it was Ball made, even though it is embossed DREY PERFECT MASON. not much here done a little digging didnt find much this jar and a sore back[:'(] got to git together and dig again tis the sesaon[: D] bob thanks man!

Instantly recognizable by avid vintage-lovers, the Nov.

A frisbee-shaped glass lid took the place of the screw-on lid and was held in place by an ingenious wire clamp, invented by Henry William Putnam in 1882.

It’s likely that “White Lightning” derived its name from the fact that bootleggers used these jars to store their product.

The Ball brothers, Frank and Ed, developed a semi-automatic process for the manufacture of fruit jars, which greatly increased the number of jars on the market and led to Ball jars becoming synonymous with the term “fruit jars,” much like Kleenex is with “tissue.” Fruit jars were produced primarily in clear and “Ball blue” (aqua), but some amber, cobalt, and even milk glass examples can be found out there in the wild, and they are likely worth upwards of several hundred dollars.

Some Canning Jar Terms Refers to the two L’s in “Ball” and the final loop resembling an additional “L” In Vintage News: Canning Jars A Cool Collectible: Amber Bottles How to Clean & Care for Antiques: Old Bottles Aqua Mason’s Patent Nov. 1890-1915 -18.00 Aqua Mason’s Patent Quart, Shoulder Seal, c.1875-1900 Number of small seeds -18.00 Aqua Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason Quart, Bead or Ledge Seal, c.

Raised in Philadelphia, he moved to New York and filed his jar patent at the young age of 26! Like today, the jars were affordable and re-useable.

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